Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Tocqueville Gold Fund - This Is a Chart for Gold Bulls

The Tocqueville Gold Fund invests in precious metals assets. The main holdings, as of 31 August are:

 source: Tocqueville Gold Fund

As the table shows, the Fund, apart from gold bullion (8.12% of the assets), invests mainly in precious metals miners and streaming companies. For those unfamiliar with gold stocks:
  • Royal Gold and Franco - Nevada are streaming and royalties companies
  • Goldcorp is one of the biggest and lowest costs PM producers
  • Agnico Eagle, Eldorado Gold, Yamana Gold are big PM producers
  • Tahoe Resources and Detour Gold have just started PM production
  • Primero Mining is a medium PM producer
The Fund portfolio is quite an interesting offer for gold investors. What is more, the Fund is overseen by John Hathaway - the highly respected gold veteran.

Let us look at the long term chart of the fund:

As you see, the price of the Fund is in a long term upward trend and the last sell out in the sector looks like a good entry point for gold bulls.

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