Monday, January 11, 2016

Precious Metals Market Looks Better But There Are Still Bearish Signs

Most recently the precious metals market started to show signs of life:

As the chart demonstrates, since August 2015 big gold miners, represented by GDX, have been stronger than the broad stock market, represented by S&P 500. It even looks like a triple bottom - a pattern signaling a reversal in the downward trend (yellow areas).

Next positive - since March 2015 the junior miners, represented by GDXJ, have been stronger than big miners. It is also a sign of a bull market.

However, the overall trend in the precious metals market, represented by GDX, is still DOWN (the upper chart).

What is more, the price action demonstrated by silver, indicates that we are still in a bear market in precious metals. As a rule, during a bull market in PM market, silver is appreciating faster than gold. The chart below proves that today it is not the case - gold is still stronger than silver:

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