Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Precious Metals Portfolio - May 2016

In May, precious metals related stocks retreated. My portfolio was no exception. It lost 8.3%. Although my performance was better than GDX (down 13.7%), a loss is a loss:

However, since inception (December 16, 2015) the Precious Metals Portfolio returned 117.3%:

As the chart shows, my picks returned 58.7 percentage points more than GDX (58.6% since December 16, 2016).

The chart below shows returns delivered by each pick, since inception:

Two stocks are the leaders: Newmarket Gold and Richmont Mines. It is no wonder - both companies own excellent properties, Fosterville (Newmarket) and Island Gold (Richmont). In the long-term the property is what counts.

Last but not least. Precious metals still perform much better than the broad stock market:

Summarizing - May was a bad month for the entire precious metals sector but in the medium-term these assets are still quite a nice proposal.

And the last chart - portfolio breakdown:


  1. SD
    At this time what is your weighting of each of these stocks? Thanks for all the articles.

  2. Harry,
    I have plotted the weightings

  3. Thanks SD
    I some how missed your pie chart of holdings.

    1. Harry, you didn't miss it. I added it today.