Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Too Less Data To Say Something About The Gold Market

Yesterday GLD reported an outflow of gold from its vaults. Now the well-known chart looks as follows:

It looks like the American investors are panicking. On Monday, despite lower prices of gold (or, better said, because of lower prices) they decreased their gold stakes by 181 thousand ounces.

On the other hand, last week's COT report shows quite strange thing. Last Wednesday, the day after the election, the American speculators increased their net long positions in gold futures:

Look at the small, green bar on the right - the net long position increased by 2,107 contracts.

However, I guess it is only a part of the story. The most interesting data is still undisclosed - I mean a period between November 10 and today. It will be disclosed in the next COT report so....we have to wait.


  1. NAK รจ praticamente esplosa pur avendo perso soldi con l'ultima trimestrale. Basta seguire Sprott negli investimenti?

  2. Abbiamo raggiunto una correzione dell'HUI del 36% come quella avuta nel 2002.

    1. Yes, and the US dollar is at its strong resistance at around 100