Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Eric Sprott Leaves Barkerville Gold

For many years Eric Sprott was a major shareholder of Barkerville Gold. He firstly got involved in the company in 2013 when his subsidiary loaned C$15M to Barkerville.

Unfortunately Barkerville defaulted on the loan payments and in July 2015 the loan was converted into common shares of the company. 

Apart from that, Mr. Sprott between 2013 and 2016 made a few minor purchases of Barkerville's shares.

Then, in August 2016 Mr. Sprott sold 50 million shares to Osisko Gold Royalties. Today he announced that the remaining stake was also sold to Osisko.

Let me show the final result (not bothering about the time value of money, ha, ha):
  • Over the years Mr. Sprott paid around  C$28.7M to purchase/convert all the shares he had.
  • His holding was sold to Osisko for C$68.1M 
  • It means that he made a gross profit (before taxes) of around $39.4M
Well, in 2015 Eric Sprott helped to rescue the company. Now, it looks like he not only rescued Barkerville but made a nice profit on its shares. I like it...

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