Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Each Day JP Morgan Adds Silver Bullion To Its Holdings

Since April 17 each trading day silver prices have been going down. I realize that precious metals bugs are in despair. Yes, it is an awful market. The question is not whether gold or silver prices go down  but how deeply they are going to drop.

However, JP Morgan does not care about it. Look at the chart below:

                                        source: Simple Digressions

As the chart shows, each trading day the guys at JP Morgan are adding silver to the bank's vaults at the COMEX.

Interestingly, the accumulation of silver by JP Morgan has just entered its parabolic stage (red circle):

                                     source: Simple Digressions

P.S. Today (April 28) they added another 915 thousand ounces (the chart has been updated)


  1. Sono lingotti veri o di carta quelli che J P Morgan acquista?

  2. Oggi mi aspetto da jnug e nugt una performance come quella del 15 marzo.

  3. Era una giornata dove si poteva guadagnare di più invece bisogna accontentarsi .

    1. Alberto,
      Nice forecast, anyway. My congratulations.

  4. Nel 1917 un'oncia d'argento valeva 17,50 $ inflazione rettificato mentre un'oncia d'oro valeva 400$ sempre inflazione rettificato.
    J.P.Morgan ha fatto questi conti e compra argento perchè se l'oro raddoppia l'argento moltiplica per 8 volte.