Monday, September 18, 2017

An Interesting Chart For Speculators In Gold

The chart below should be of some interest to speculators in gold:


Stockcharts have an interesting indicator - it discloses the trading volume attributed to certain price levels.

Let me take GLD as an example. The chart above shows that since July 2017 (when the current move in gold prices started) the highest trading volume was attributed to the price range of 121.7 - 122.7.

In other words, this level should be considered as strong support for GLD prices. It means also that any correction in GLD should end above this level.


  1. Questa correzione è molto strana !!!! Se guardi il grafico di GLDW ti renderai conto con i tuoi occhi. L'indicatore lampadario è addirittura sconcertante.