Thursday, December 21, 2017

My Proposal For 2018

As announced - the 2018 edition of Precious Metals Portfolio and Newsletter is ready. Here are the details of my proposal:

First of all, I have decided to continue my investing experiment (Precious Metals Portfolio) initiated in December 2015. However, this time I want to offer you something a little bit different. Namely, my service can be divided into two parts: a standard portfolio and a newsletter.

2018 Precious Metals Portfolio

This year I am going to expand my portfolio to maximum ten picks. Generally, I am not a big fan of diversification but, to protect the portfolio against big price swings, I have decided to place between five and ten picks in the portfolio. So, the rule is: minimum five, maximum ten picks.

What is more, I am going to bet on a few picks indirectly related to the precious metals sector, as, for example, streaming or mineral drilling companies. However, do not be afraid because the gold / silver producers will always constitute the main part of the portfolio.

Similarly to the 2017 portfolio, this year’s portfolio will be actively managed. It means that from time to time I will exchange certain picks for new ones (for free). What is more, I am going to be more active this year – you will receive an update once a month at least (but it does not mean that I am going to get crazy and exchange my picks every month…not at all – I am still a long-term investor).

Now, the price. The existing (2017) subscribers are asked to pay $60 (sixty US dollars) for the annual subscription but the new ones (those that have not subscribed to the 2017 portfolio) are asked to pay $75 (seventy five US dollars).


Each newsletter will consist of two parts: “Portfolio” and “Discussion”:
  1. Portfolio – simply, it is 2018 Precious Metals Portfolio discussed in the section “2018 Precious Metals Portfolio”
  2. Discussion – in each issue of my newsletter I am going to deal with at least one new idea. Very often it will be a BUY, SELL, AVOID or HOLD recommendation but I cannot rule out something different. Apart from that, in this section you may find other issues, as, for example, my comment on the current state of the market, unusual situation I have spotted in the precious metals market etc. However, the main content is definitely a new idea.

Similarly to 2018 Precious Metals Portfolio, you will get at least one issue of Newsletter a month. 

Just to be clear – if you are interested in the portfolio only, do not subscribe to Newsletter (subscribe to 2018 Precious Metals Portfolio in that case). However, if you are interested in the portfolio and new ideas – subscribe to Newsletter (you will find both in Newsletter).

Newsletter’s price is $120 a year for the 2017 subscribers and $150 for new ones.  Why such a price? Let me put it in this way: in the case you are a new subscriber you pay $150 and receive this:

·         2018 Precious Metals Portfolio worth $75 a year

·     "Discussion" worth another $75 a year. Or, using different wording, one new idea worth $6.25 a month (or even less in the case there are additional issues of Newsletter)   

Alright, both services (Portfolio and Newsletter) are ready to dispatch – just go to the appropriate section ("Services – 2017 Subscribers” or "Services - New Subscribers") and then choose “2018 Precious Metals Portfolio” or “Newsletter” buttons and make an appropriate payment. Then, as soon as possible, you will get the report you have ordered.

Last but not least – all fees are non-refundable. The rule is simple - you make one annual payment and I care about the rest until the end of 2018...


  1. when do you let Newsletter subscribers know when you have made a change in the Portfolio's holding?

    1. Immediately. When the change is made a subscriber will get an updated report immediately. Additionally, I will make an announcement on my blog (of course without disclosing the details - they are only for subscribers)