Thursday, June 30, 2016

My Precious Metals Portfolio - June 2016 Update

In June the precious metals market continued its bull run. Gold went up 8.7% but the absolute winner was silver - 17.1% up. 

My model precious metals stocks portfolio increased its value by 25.8% (3.1 percentage points above GDX):

Below you will find the results delivered by my portfolio, GDX and a broad stock market (represented by S&P 500) since inception: 

In June it was Fresnillo that delivered the highest return. The sleeping silver / gold giant woke up and made 49.7% (measured in US dollars) - in my opinion, it was an outstanding result, taking into account the size of the company (market cap $16.1 billion):

Well, the above presented results confirm the fact that the entire precious metals market is in its bull stage.  

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