Monday, June 27, 2016

Oh Britain

The British are unlucky. After saying no to the European Union, today Britain was downgraded by two rating agencies, S&P and Fitch.

The main British stock market index, FTSE 100 is 2.55% down today (the second down - day after Brexit). 

Quite interestingly, since March 2009 FTSE has gained 69%. However, it gained only 55% when the result is measured in US dollars (it means that an American investor would earn only 55% if he / she invested in FTSE 100): 

Further, the British Pound lost 11.8% against the US dollar since last Friday (yellow area):

Etc. etc.

Finally, today England lost to Iceland at EURO 2016 Championship. After Brexit there is EUROxit. 

Oh boy...


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    1. Yes, Northern Ireland is out too.
      But Wales is still in. I am a fan of this team.