Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Alterra Power Becomes A Dividend Company

Yesterday Alterra Power announced an annual cash dividend of C$0.005 per share. Because it is not possible to pay such a small dividend to the shareholder owning one share, the company has to consolidate its shares at the rate of 10:1.

After consolidation Alterra's share count should stand at 46,919,545 shares. A recalculated dividend is C$0.05 per share. It means that the dividend yield should be 0.77% (C$0.05 divided by C$6.5).

Well, although the just announced dividend is rather symbolic I think it is a great day for Alterra and its shareholders. From now on Alterra is a dividend paying company. What is more, its management declares that it plans to increase the dividend regularly:

"John Carson, Alterra's CEO, said, "This inaugural dividend reflects the recent completion and incremental cash flow of the Shannon and Jimmie Creek projects, but is sized modestly for now to accommodate the substantial growth we anticipate over the next four years. We will target regular increases of the dividend as we bring new projects on line"
I am curious about today's market reaction. In the long-term Alterra is drawing a continuation technical pattern called "Cup with Handle": 


  1. Either the premise of a new bull market is correct or not, and I believe it is. Current consolidating is a good thing, not only shaking out smaller weaker hands and impulsive traders, but by also taking this opportunity to increase my positions in my core holdings, of which Timmins Gold is one of those core positions. Speaking of Timmins Gold, I see you wrote a PRO article of which a 96% growth potential may exist for this miner. Unfortunately I don't subscribe to PRO, but would of (as commented in a previous post last week) been more than interested in reading your analysis on this particular miner as I see being vastly undervalue by the market.

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