Thursday, May 4, 2017

B2 Gold And OceanaGold - Time To Relax

B2 Gold and OceanaGold may relax. Their big enemy, Gina Lopez, has lost her job as an environment secretary in the Philippines.

Well, apart from closing a number of mines, most recently Mrs. Lopez banned the open pit mining in Philippines. It means that a mining company trying to start a new open pit mine in that country is not allowed to do it. Or, better said, it was not allowed a few days ago (as Mrs. Lopez held her post).

The country is open for mining once again.


  1. Not so fast .... President Rodrigo Duterte who appointed Gina Lopez as his environment secretary, had always giving her his full support, and will appoint her successor as one that projects his anti-mining views. Duterte has been an anti-mining advocate for many, many years, who said only last month that the Philippines can survive without mining, and continues talked about a possible plan to impose a ban on mining given the environmental damage producers have caused his country. I see little change on his anti-mining stance while he's president.