Monday, April 23, 2018

Silver - The Big Selling Has Just Started

Gold bulls are definitely excited. As the chart below shows, most recently gold and the goldollar index got very close to their strong resistance. What is important, both instruments did it in tandem:

source: Simple Digressions

Additionally, a silver / gold ratio made impressive breakout supporting a bullish thesis on the precious metals market:

source: Simple Digressions

However, my advise is simple: do not even touch this market. In my opinion, a prudent speculator should stay away from gold in particular. Why? Well, in the long term there is no pivotal change here - gold still cannot break above its resistance at $1,350 - $1,375 per ounce and each short-term upswing is followed by a counter-action. In other words, in the long-term we see the same old story (consolidation period) and in the short-term the game is quite primitive: buy gold when it is 2% - 3% down from the recent ultra-short-term top and sell when it hits the $1,350 - $1,375 zone.

Last thing - a few days ago JP Morgan started its typical game. After a long period of silver accumulation the bank (or, better said, somebody storing silver in the JP Morgan warehouse at the COMEX) started selling silver bullion. This game is also very simple - the excited silver bulls started buying silver bullion en masse and higher demand was met with appropriate supply. As a result, in just four days the bank withdrew 3.0 million ounces of silver from its warehouse:

source: Simple Digressions

In other words, silver bulls should keep in mind that there is somebody to satisfy their hunger. What is more, he has a lot of silver...

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