Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Will the Gold Break At Last?

Today gold was at a tiny distance from breaking above its strong resistance level failed.

However, the current move still looks good:

 source: Simple Digressions

The chart shows the goldollar index and gold prices. Note that this time both instruments go in tandem, which validates the current move in gold prices.


  1. Oggi 12 aprile sembra dust, vedremo se il 13 è la volta buona che rompe il livello di resistenza.

  2. Caro amico che delusione ....anche oggi dust

    1. Alberto,

      The most important fact is that the current move in gold prices is supported by the goldollar index. It is not a common pattern so I am optimistic in the short term.

      What is more, a silver / dollar ratio also supports this move.

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  4. Lisa,
    I have deleted your post because I do not publish any ads here. Sorry