Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Alterra Power Is Getting Bigger

Alterra Power, a renewable energy company operating in Iceland, Canada and USA, announced today that the Jimmie Creek hydroelectric power plant achieved its full capacity.

It means that the company now operates the following power plants:

  • Reykjanes and Svartsengi geothermal operations (operating under the name HS Orka) in Iceland
  • Dokie 1 - wind farm in Canada
  • Shannon - wind farm in the USA
  • Toba Montrose - hydroelectric power plant in Canada
  • Jimmie Creek - the newest hydroelectric power plant in Canada

The graph below shows all operations and their name-plate capacities attributable to Alterra:

Note: the company (through its Icelandic company called HS Orka) also owns a 20% stake in a famous geothermal spa, Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik

As the graph shows, now Alterra owns power plants showing a total capacity of 379.4 MW. 

Although Jimmie Creek is the smallest company's operation it is an extension to Toba Montrose - both (or, better said, three because Toba Montrose comprises two operations: Toba and Montrose) operations are in the close vicinity to each other.

In my opinion, Alterra Power is a very prospective renewable energy company, run by Ross Beaty, one of the most notable Canadian investors.

Expect my special report on this company in the nearest future.

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  1. Ross Beaty makes an impact in all his major investments Make it hard not to follow his coat tail