Tuesday, July 19, 2016

In 2Q 2016 Avino Will Be A Different Company Than Before

On April 1, 2016 Avino Silver and Gold Mines put its Avino mine on-line. It is a great event for the company because the results recorded in 2Q 2016 will comprise the results delivered by this new mine. And the Avino mine is a much bigger operation than the San Gonzalo mine (another mine operated by the company). 

I do not know what amounts of metals the company sold in 2Q 2016. Avino published only production results for 2Q 2016. Let me summarize them:

As the table shows, in 2Q 2016 the Avino mine delivered 815,727 ounces of silver equivalent (San Gonzalo delivered 529,986 ounces). The biggest advantage of Avino over San Gonzalo is copper - San Gonzalo does not produce the red metal. 

Next, in 2Q 2016 the company produced less metals than in 1Q 2016 (629.8 thousand ounces of silver equivalent in 2Q 2016 against 715.9 thousand ounces in 1Q 2016. 
However, due to the fact that the Avino mine was declared commercial in April, in 2Q 2016 report the investors will see the additional revenue coming from this mine (before 2Q 2016 the metals sold by the Avino mine were recorded in the cash flow statement). As I noted above, the amount of metals coming from Avino and sold in 2Q 2016 is not known (the company did not disclose this figure) but it will definitely be a large figure. 

In my opinion, in 2Q 2016 Avino is going to be a totally different company than before.


  1. Thanks for the article! Added more to my ASM positions with today's sale.