Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Gold Breaks Up

In one of my last posts I spotted divergence between the silver / gold ratio and the gold itself. In conclusion I stated that there was a chance for higher prices of gold because such a pattern (silver / gold ratio going up) was an indication of an incoming reversal in the gold trend.

Today the pattern materialized:

The line marked in red shows the downward trend in gold prices accompanied by the line marked in green (the upward trend in silver / gold ratio). Divergence may be easily spotted.

Then, today, both metals exploded (gold gained 1.5% while the price of silver went up by 2.7%). Of course, some may say it was due to no hike in interest rates. Maybe they are right - I do not know what factors were driving prices today. All in all, the facts are clearly visible - we have seen higher prices of gold and silver.

Now, I think that the ultra short term players should closely watch what happens tomorrow, the day after today's enthusiasm.

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  1. Thanks for all your work. Gold stocks nicely out performed gold yesterday.