Saturday, September 17, 2016

Richmont Mines and Newmarket Gold - Updated Volumes

Yesterday I published a post on huge trading volumes reported by Richmont Mines and Newmarket Gold, two stock picks I am closely following. Below you will find the final closing volumes, which were substantially higher than initial ones (posted yesterday):

Richmont (volume accounting for 28.6% of share count):

and Newmarket Gold (volume accounting for 20.7% of share count):

Now, as one of my readers noted, we are waiting for the info about changes in the shareholders line-up.


  1. Waiting for info about changes in the shareholders line-up as in perhaps their quarterly rebalancing in the GDXJ, as both appear to be currently underweighted. With current holding of Richmont Mines of 117,000 shrs, or 0.02% of net assets, and Newmarket 2,790,141, or 0.18% of net assets.

  2. Blue,

    Your thesis applies to Richmont only - huge volume was reported on AMEX where GDX / GDXJ are active.
    These ETFs recorded huge cash inflows of around $800M last week (according to my calculations)so they could buy Richmont shares of that amount without any problem.

    On the other hand, for me these huge volumes are indicative of the previously arranged transactions (fat boy sells shares to another fat boy (nothing against fat girls, sorry)